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Welcome to Footwear Friends

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Footwear Friends, formerly the Footwear Benevolent Society, is a charity which provides financial assistance to people who have worked in the Shoe Trade but have fallen on hard times. Established in 1836, we are the only charity dedicated solely to the support of those have served the footwear industry, whether in design, manufacture, distribution, retail or repair.

We are funded mainly by donations, as well as by special fundraising events run on behalf of Footwear Friends. We also have some sponsors within the trade.

Donate to Footwear Friends

  • Find out how to make a donation by cheque, or online by credit or debit card.
  • Run a Fundraising Event for Footwear Friends. Download our new Fundraising Pack for more helpful tips and ideas.
  • Download ourĀ  Brochure
  • If your company has unwanted samples or old stock then Africa Shoes will gladly take them off your hands and donate the proceeds to Footwear Friends. Drop us an e-mail on to let us know once your items have been collected so that we can acknowledge your donation via Africa Shoes. Please visit

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