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Footwear Friends Privacy Notice

Please read and accept the Privacy Notice to display the online application form.

Who we are and how we use your personal information

Footwear Friends (The Footwear Benevolent Society) (registered charity number 222117) is dedicated to relieve, in cases of need, hardship or distress, persons who are or have been engaged in the footwear trade, their widows, widowers and other dependants.

At Footwear Friends (The Footwear Benevolent Society) we take our commitment to maintaining the privacy and security of your personal data extremely seriously, ensuring that we meet all data protection requirements. We do not pass on any of the information that you have given to us to any third party unless we have your written consent to do so.

What we collect and why

Footwear Friends (The Footwear Benevolent Society) will only collect the personal data that is absolutely necessary to process your application for assistance. When you apply for assistance, your data will be stored on our Beneficiary Database. When you apply online, your data will also be stored securely on our webserver while we process your application.

We will not continue to hold any of your data any longer than is required by law and audit purposes. This data will be deleted from our system after seven years.

Accessing your information

You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. To view, amend, or delete your personal data, please contact us.

Your browser does not support JavaScript/jQuery, which is used by the online application form. We highly recommend you use a browser with JavaScript/jQuery support enabled, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are unable to do this, we recommend you download the printable Application Form and print/complete this instead.

How to Complete This Form

  1. We strongly recommend that you complete this form on a computer, and not on a mobile phone/tablet.
  2. The form must be completed in one sitting. We suggest having a read through to make sure you have the required information before you start filling out the form.
  3. If you don't know the exact date for any question, just answer as closely as you can. If you only know the year, enter 1st January.
  4. The answers to some questions may show or hide additional questions (asking for more information, or taking out sections which are not relevant to you), so questions should be answered in order.
  5. Please do not print this form to fill out by hand. If you don't wish to apply online, please download our printable Application Form and print/complete this instead.
  6. You must complete the HMRC Forms in Section 18 and return these to us by post - HMRC will not accept photocopies/scans/emailed copies.

Your Submission

1. Particulars of Applicant

If your address has changed in the last 5 years, please provide your previous address(es) as well

2. Family Details

* If your partner is deceased and worked in the footwear industry, please answer "Yes" and provide details about their work in the trade further on.

3. Your Home

4. Employment in the Footwear Industry

Please send us documentary proof of all employment within the footwear trade. If this is not possible, we can request this information from HMRC, however this may mean that the decision on your application could be delayed!


Applicant's Partner

5. Other Employment, Before and After Footwear Industry

6. Please give particulars of anyone living with you who contribute to your household expenses

7. Previous Assistance

8. Liabilities/Debt

(Including Mortgage, Rent, Council Tax, Bank/Building Society, Hire Purchase, Credit Cards, Loans (including Social Fund Loans), and other debts)

9. Savings and Capital

10. State Benefits

11. Armed Forces

12. Other Charities

13. Nursing/Residential Home

14. Income

Not applicable for applicants in a nursing home
Complete all sections which apply to payments you receive - you don't need to fill out rows that aren't relevant to you
Pensions (Applicant)
Pensions (Spouse/Partner)
State Benefit
All other income

15. Expenditure

Not applicable for applicants in a nursing home
Complete all sections which apply to payments you receive - you don't need to fill out rows that aren't relevant to you


Please tell us about your circumstances and the reason you are applying for assistance.


This should be someone who has known you for some while, and is not related (ie. Vicar/Priest, Teacher, Doctor, Solicitor, or other professional, OR a third party acting on your behalf (ie. SSAFA, Age Concern, CAB, etc.)

18. HMRC Forms

I understand that I must return the completed HMRC Forms to Footwear Friends, by post, for my application to be considered, and that my application is not complete and will not be assessed until these have been received by Footwear Friends. These forms can be downloaded from the Footwear Friends website.


  • I hereby declare, to the best of my knowledge, that the information supplied on this form is correct.
  • I undertake to notify the Footwear Friends immediately of any material change in my circumstances.
  • I understand that the information I have supplied will be used in order to process my application for financial assistance.
  • I agree that the details on this form may be passed in confidence to other agencies/charities in the course of this application.
  • I authorise Footwear Friends to approach other agencies/charities on my behalf.
  • By signing this declaration, I also give Footwear Friends (The Footwear Benevolent Society) permission to share all correspondence and records they gather as part of my case, as well as the content of my application form, with agencies referenced in this section.
  • I agree that information collected as part of the application process may be retained so that any future applications may be speedily processed, and the data may be used for follow-up assistance, and statistical and research purposes.
Please read over your answers carefully before submitting.