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Thank You Letters

A few of the letters we’ve received from people we’ve helped are shown below.

Thanking you for the cheque you so kindly sent to us, it was very much appreciated. Life has been much better since you helped us to have a walk-in bath, with your help we are now enjoying our old age better.
Mr. C.A., Northampton
Dear Footwear Friends,
it is with sincere thanks that I write to you for the cheque which I recently received. You are really living up to your name “Footwear Friends”. Thank you so much.
Mrs. M.T., Peebleshire
Thank you for your recent letter. I also want to say a big “Thank you” to the Executive Committee for the additional Christmas bonus, it will be a great help. Once again, please convey my grateful thanks to David Jameson, I loved reading his story – what a challenge! What a man! And indeed – what a good friend – and to all who contribute to Footwear Friends, again a big Thank you!
Mrs. B.G., Norwich
I would like to thank you very much for your cheque, which you kindly sent me. This money makes a big difference to how I spend Christmas and is very much appreciated by myself. On reading your enclosed letter regarding the fundraisers, I would like to express my grateful thanks to all who take the time to raise money for your Society, especially as times are getting even harder each year, it is nice to know that there are still people who are willing to raise money to help various charities, yours being one of them. Once again, many thanks.
Mrs. A.S., Perth
Again my most grateful thanks for another gift of £50, you really are kind and caring people. It helps so much and especially at the most expensive time of year – even if the shops are reducing stock. David Jameson deserves a medal – what an achievement! I enjoyed reading of his exploits. Please accept my best wishes to you all, may you have a happy, healthy Christmas and a great New Year.
Mrs. F.E.F., Northampton